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The capital of the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan, Baki (Baku) has 2.5 million inhabitants and is situated on the hills of Apsheron peninsula by the Caspian Sea.

A Metro system for Baku was first envisaged in the 1932 Master Plan, and in 1949 the Council of Ministers of the USSR approved the design and construction works. Actual construction on the first line started in 1951, but was suspended in 1953, the official reason being lack of funds.

Construction was re-launched in 1960, with the alignment of the first line having been modified due to new urban developments. The first stretch of 6.5 km with five stations was opened on 6 Nov 1967 between Baki Soveti and Narimanov. The network was expanded gradually and by 2011 had two lines with a total length of 34.8 km and 23 stations. Eventually, the first section of a third line was opened in 2016:

Red Line - 21 stations - 32.3 km
Green Line - 2 stations - 2.2 km
Purple Line - 2 stations - 2.1 km
Total - 25 stations - 36.6 km

Stations have 105 m platforms which allow the use of 5-car trains (full sets in service since 1985). The fleet has been considerably renewed since 2000, and now consists of Soviet/Russian 81-717/714-family cars with the oldest dating from 1986. Track gauge is 1520 mm, and power supply is via a third rail (825 V dc).

At present, the two lines are not completely segregated due to a missing link between Cefer Cabbarli and Nizami. Therefore the second line from Darnagul is routed to Hazi Aslanov, while the Cefer Cabbarli - Sah Ismail Xatai section is operated as a double-track shuttle. Bakmil is served twice an hour by train from Iceri Seher.


Some stations were renamed in the 1990s, names given in brackets are original names found on older maps:

25 Nov 1967: Iceri Seher (Baki Soveti) - Nariman Narimanov (6.5 km)
22 Feb 1968: 28 May (28 Aprel) - Sah Ismail Xatai (Shaumyan) (2.4 km)
05 May 1970: N. Narimanov - Ulduz (2.4 km)
25 Sept 1970: N. Narimanov - Depot (temporary platform) on depot access route
06 Nov 1972: Ulduz - Neftchilar (5.1 km)
31 Dec 1976: 28 May (28 Aprel) - Nizami (2.2 km)
28 Mar 1979: N. Narimanov - Bakmil (Elektrozavod) replacing Depot station (0.7 km)
31 Dec 1985: Nizami - Memar Acami (6.4 km)
28 April 1989: Neftchilar - Ahmedli (3.0 km)
27 Oct 1993: Cefer Cabbarli station - western half with shuttle to S. I. Xatai (0.5 km)
10 Dec 2002: Ahmedli - Hazi Aslanov (1.4 km)
09 Oct 2008: Memar Acami - Nasimi (1.7 km)
16 Dec 2008: Cefer Cabbarli station - eastern half completed with shuttle on second track
30 Dec 2009: Nasimi - Azadlyg Prospekti (1.5 km)
29 Jun 2011: Azadlyg Prospekti - Darnagul (1.7 km)
19 Apr 2016: Memar Acami - Avtovagzal (Line 3 - Violet Line, 2 km)

Renamed stations:
Shaumyan > Xatai (at reopening in 1993)
26 Baki Komissari > Sahil
28 Aprel > 28 May
XI Gizil Ordu Meydani > 20 Yanvar
Avrora > Qara Qarayev
Elektrozavod > Bakmil
Baki Soveti > Iceri Seher (at the end of 2008 after reconstruction)
Mesedi Azizbeyov > Koroglu (

See list with all current and old station names in Azerbaijani, Russian and with English transliteration (pdf).


During 1970-80s, a 2-line network of 52 km and 33 stations was planned to be completed by the year 2000. In 2010, however, a new Baku metro development master plan was announced, which sets a target of 5 lines, 119 km of track and 76 stations by 2030.

The next openings in Baku will be:
- 2012: new (second) yard before Darnagul station
- 2015: 3 km extension of the second line from Hazi Aslanov to Yeni Gunesli (3 stations). Construction works started in August 2011. In future, this section will be connected to the rest of Line 2.

In summer 2011 plans were announced to establish through service on the second line (Darnagul - Xatai) in 2013, after a new yard for the Line 2 has been completed. However, works has not yet started on tunnelling the missing 400 m section to connect Cabbarli station with operating tunnels towards Nizami.

- Construction of the intermediate section on the Green Lin between Xatai and Hazi Aslanov with three new stations started in Aug. 2013. This line is planned to eventually become a circular line connecting to Darnagul.


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Metro Baku
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