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Changchun Metro Light Rail Tramway Map

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The city of Changchun lies in northeastern China, some 900 km from Beijing, between Harbin and Shenyang. It is an industrial city of heavy industry with a population of 7 million. Changchun is one of the first cities which employed an American-style light rail system as the city's metro transportation. The initial phase of the Light Rail plan consists of two lines forming a loop line of about 20 km long, the western half (Line 3) of which was opened in October 2002. The line was initially 14.6 km long, with 17 stations. It runs mostly at grade, but with only a few level crossings, with about 1 km underground and 1 km viaduct section.

Phase 2 development is an eastern extension of the current Line 3, from Weiguangjie to the tourist area of Jingyuetan (Jingyue Pond and Skiing Site). Jingyuetan Forest Park is the largest artificial forest in the world. Work on the Phase 2 started in 2003 but was suspended for a year due to a shortage of funding. Progress was resumed and the extension was completed in late 2006. It consists of 16 stations and is 17 km long. The project is entirely on a viaduct. The line is operated with low-floor light rail vehicles manufactured by the Changchun Railway Car Company.

Trial service on the second light rail line, Line 4, began in June 2011. This 17 km north-south route includes three underground stations on its northernmost section, while the rest of the line runs mostly elevated along Linhe Street (Linhejie).


Changchun Light Rail Changchun Light Rail

Changchun Light Rail Changchun Light Rail


Changchun has also preserved an old tramway line, running mostly on a reserved right-of-way, opened in 1941. Line 54 (7.6 km) was the last of a once-large streetcar network. To provide a link to the Changchun West Railway Station, a 5 km branch, served by the newly introduced line 55, was added on 25 Aug 2014. Initially terminating at some distance, the tram was extended to the railway station proper on 28 Aug 2016.


Changchun Tramway Changchun Tramway
 Light Rail History

xx-10-2002: Line 3 Changchun Railway Station - Weiguangjie
26-12-2006: Line 3 Weiguangjie - Changyingshijicheng (17 km)
Line 4 Dongdaqiao - Chechang
06-05-2012: Line 4 Dongdaqiao - Northern Stop of Changchun Railway Station


 Light Rail Projects

201?: Line 3 Changchun station - Yongning Road (2km)
201?: Line 1 Yongchun - Lanjia (approx 20km)
201?: Line 2 Xike Station - (Economic Development Zone) (approx 20km)
20??: Line 5 Xinglongtuan - Fufengtuan

Line 1 (Planned)
Line 1 is a planned North-South metro line for the mid-term future, and will pass through the CBD of Changchun and railway station. Under the government planning, it will be completed by 2020.

Line 2 (Planned)
Line 2 is a planned East-West metro line that is to be completed by 2020.

The above includes metro plan up to 2020 only. Under the government blueprint, a network of 179 km will be completed by 2050, see government map




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