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Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei province, some 300 km southwest of Beijing; 4.3 million inhabitants in urban area.


 Line 1

- 23.9 km east-west line

14 June 2017: Xiwang - Xiaohedadao [limited service]
27 June 2017: Xiwang - Xiaohedadao [full revenue service]

Shijiazhuang Metro Shijiazhuang Metro
 Line 3

- 6.4 km initial segment of north-south line

14 June 2017: Shierzhong - Shijiazhuang (Main Railway Station) [limited service]
27 June 2017: Shierzhong - Shijiazhuang (Main Railway Station) [full revenue service]

Shijiazhuang Metro Shijiazhuang Metro




Shijiazhuang Metro (Official Site)

Shijiazhuang Metro at Wikipedia



Shijiazhuang Metro Shijiazhuang Metro Shijiazhuang Metro Shijiazhuang Metro Shijiazhuang Metro Shijiazhuang Metro Shijiazhuang Metro Shijiazhuang Metro

Shijiazhuang Metro Shijiazhuang Metro



Craig Moore reports from Shijiazhuang on the first day of pre-revenue service (14 June 2017):

Shijiazhuang (Stone Family Village) is the capital and main city of Hebei (North of Yellow River) and is 1 hr from Beijing by CRH service. Its 2 line/25 station Metro is the latest edition to China’s growing Metro family and is a gleaming structure.

Entrance porticos are arched and are accompanied by a tall totem, although as this is so new, the paving and other street infrastructure around the entrances are still being completed. Stairs and escalator lead to the ticket halls which are rectangular with illuminated advertising on the walls, ticket machines, security, barriers and information office. Station information boards are smart with a hybrid geographic/schematic map, local information and station orientation.

The lines are both fully underground and platforms are all in island form (limited seating) with full platform screens and strip map, vertical line maps on pillars and System maps, located on the end walls. Real time information is on TV screens and there are also audio announcements. All information is in Chinese and English. Apart from the odd difference, most stations look the same, with red or blue trim on the platform screens being the only real difference in terms of line distinction. Only Bowuguan on Line 1, which has traditional styling on pillars and ceiling, has any discernible features.

At Xinbaiguangchang, Line 3 lies below and at right angles to Line 1 as it heads south to the main railway station (Shijiazhuangzhan). This southern terminus station has a very wide island platform and the ticket hall has an interesting ceiling design and is a huge space with multiple entrances and exits.

The CRRC stock (6 cars) has a stylish frontage and is differentiated by red or blue side band with a broad vertical band on the doors. The interiors are white with coloured trim and a dynamic LCD strip map above the doors. Currently there is no system map on the carriages but holders are in place. A very smooth ride indeed.

Although only trial services operate at the moment, the line will operate from 0630-2130 and has a base headway of 10mins. Tickets come in plastic form and fares are distance-based (2-5 Yuan).

This Metro is gleaming and a welcome addition to the metro family. Built and operated to the standard formula, it will probably take some time to create its own character.





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