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Kaohsiung metro and light rail map    Kaohsiung light rail


The city of Kaohsiung lies in the south of Taiwan and has 1.3 million inhabitants.

Construction contracts for a network of 2 lines (one north-south and one east-west, 42.7 km) were awarded to a consortium led by China Steel and other local companies and Siemens in May 2000 to enter service in 2005. The first two lines are operated by Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation (KRTC). Trains for these two lines have been delivered from Siemens.

 Red Line
- 30.6 km, 24 stations between Gangshan and Ciaotou in the north and Kaohsiung Airport and Siaogang in the south. 15 stations are underground, 8 elevated, and one at ground level.
 Orange Line
- 14.4 km, 14 stations between National Sun Yat-sen University in the west and Daliao in the east. All the stations are underground except for the ground level Daliao station, the line's eastern terminus.

09-03-2008: Red Line officially opened (trial service) - Ciaotou Station - Siaogang

14-09-2008: Orange Line Sizihwan - Daliao

23-12-2012: Red Line Ciaotou - Gangshan South (2.3 km)

Kaohsiung Metro Kaohsiung Metro Kaohsiung Metro Kaohsiung Metro Kaohsiung Metro Kaohsiung Metro Kaohsiung Metro


A circular light rail line (at grade with level crossings) is being built to serve the central area (19.6 km with 32 stops).

Trial service from C1 Lizihnei to C4 Kaisyuan Jhonghua began on 16 Oct 2015. Click here for our Kaohsiung tram page with more photos!

Kaohsiung Tram Kaohsiung Tram


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