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Tbilisi (Tiflis) is the capital of the former Soviet republic of Georgia, situated in the Caucasus. The city has 1.2 million inhabitants and extends 40 km north - south along the river Mtkwari (Kura). The valley is surrounded by mountains what makes road traffic especially difficult. Therefore plans for a subway system were made already in the early 1950's when the city had only 750,000 inhabitants.

The first line (Gldani-Varketili Line, formerly Didube-Samgorskaya) opened in 1966 from Dibude to Rustaveli (6.3 km, 6 stations) via the city centre. A few years later it was extended towards the south to 300 Aragveli (1967) and Samgori (1971). During the 1980's it reached its current length of 19.6 km with 16 stations.

In 1979, the second line (Saburtalo Line) began operating between Vagzlis Moedani (railway station) and Delisi. In the year 2000 it was extended to its current terminus Vazha Pshavela. The line has a total length of 6.7 km with 6 stations.

Most station names were changed during the 1990's after the dissolution of the former USSR and the independence of Georgia. Trains in service are of the 81-717 and 81-714 series also running in Moscow and other ex-Soviet cities. Stations have 100 m long platforms for 5-car trains, although only 3 or 4-car trains are currently used.

 Lines and History

Tbilisi metro map 2007Gldani-Varketili Line - 19.6 km, 16 stations

11 Jan 1966: Dibude - Rustaveli (6.3 km, 6 stations)
06 Nov 1967: Rustaveli - 300 Aragveli (ex 300 Aragvinzev)
05 May 1971: 300 Aragveli - Samgori
08 Nov 1985: Samgori - Varketili
16 Nov 1985: Didube - Guramishvili (ex TEVZ)

07 Jan 1989: Guramishvili - Akhmetelis teatri

Saburtalo Line - 6.7 km, 6 stations

15 Sept 1979: Sadguris Moedani (ex Vagzlis Moedani and Pl. Vokzalna) - Delisi (6.2 km, 5 stations)
02 April 2000: Delisi - Vazha Pshavela

Some (or all) station names have been changed from Russian into Georgian, so older names found on some maps are given in brackets. Other former names: Pl. Lenina for Tavisuplebis Moedani (Freedom Sq.); 26 Komissarov for Avlabari; Okyabrskaya for Nadzeladevi; Komsomolskaya for Medikal Institut.

More station names were renamed in 2011: Elektrodepo > Gotsiridze; Vagzlis Moedani (1 and 2) > Sadguris Moedani (Station square); Tsereteli Gamziri > Tsereteli; Politeknikuri > Teknikuri Universiteti (Technical university); Sameditsino instituti > Sameditsino Universiteti (Medical University); Universiteti (under construction) > Sahelmtsipo Universiteti (State University)

Metro Tbilisi Metro Tbilisi


An extension of the second line to the University and the first section of a third line is under construction, although no dates for completion are known.



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Metro Tbilisi Metro Tbilisi

Metro Tbilisi Metro Tbilisi

Metro TbilisiMetro Tbilisi

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Isani station (from 'Metropoliteny')


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