Other map collections or general subway sites:

List of Rapid Transit Systems on Wikipedia - with links to individual network descriptions

New York City Subway Resources - great maps and the best information on American subways

Robert Reynolds' Subway Page - many links and maps, photographs, rarities, ....

CityRailTransit by Javier Martínez Cuevas

Jon Bell's Rail Transit Pages

Peter Donn's Metrosoyuza includes excellent pictures of Russian metro stations

CityRailways.it - everything about metros in Italy

MetaSubway - METAMETPO - specialises on metros in Russia and CIS countries - by Vadim Dzygoon

Transit Maps - interesting blog about mapping issues

Ferrocarta - railway and urban rail maps (USA, Canada, France, Brazil)

Sinfin - Link list of all railways (incl. urban rail) around the world by countries, by Glyn Williams


  Bits & pieces about metros and subways:

Metro Bits by Michael Rohde incl. metro logos, metros with a view, ....

Absence-of-Fear - by Daniel Erler incl. many great metro photos

Panorama Shots of many metro stations by Jean Gefroi

Monorail Society - monorail systems around the world (Monorail Society)

Subway and Light Rail Forum at SkyscraperPage Forum

RailServe - The International Railroad Directory

Bahnsuche.de - Die Suchmaschine für die große Eisenbahn und Modelleisenbahn

Railfan-Europe - a large picture gallery with all sorts of trains incl. metros and trams

Bahnbilder - Rail Images as screen savers & Rail Simulators etc.

The Electric Railway Society (UK)

The ALWEG Archives - Monorail History


SUBWAY CARD COLLECTORS - A group for discussion about and trading pre-paid subway and rail cards. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Farecards

Metro Ticket Collection

Metro Museums


Metro and tramway magazines:

Railway Gazette International (U.K.)

     Metro Report (U.K.)

Tramways & Urban Transit (U.K.)

Stadtverkehr (Germany)

Straßenbahn-Magazin (Germany)

Blickpunkt Straßenbahn (Germany)

Tram (Switzerland)

Tram2000 (Belgium)

Transit Australia

La Vie du Rail feat. Ville & Transports (France)

Vía Libre (Spain)

CityRailways (Italy)

Headlights (USA)

Urban Transport Magazine

Urban Transport Magazine


  Associations and official websites:

Alamys.org - Association of Latin American, Spanish & Portuguese Metros and Subways

UITP - International Association of Public Transport

EMTA - Association of European Metropolitan Transport Authorities

APTA - American Public Transportation Association

LRTA - Light Rail Transit Association (UK)

VDV - Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen (Germany)

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