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Tunis Métro léger map


Tunis is the capital of Tunisia and has some 1.5 million inhabitants. In order to save costs and speed up implementation, a light rail system was chosen instead of an underground metro.

After less than four years of construction, Line 1 opened in 1985. In 1989, Line 2 was inaugurated between the city centre and the northern districts, both lines serving the western suburbs were taken into service in 1990. Total length of the network is 30 km. The whole system was built as a turnkey project by a consortium led by Siemens. In 2008, a 6.8 km southern extension, served by Line 6, was added to the system.

The "Métro Léger de Tunis" intially used bi-directional light rail vehicles which are based on those running on several networks in Germany (Stuttgart, Cologne, etc.). They are prepared for low and high platforms. The 30/60 m long trains run mostly on separate right-of-way with level crossings along the route. Later, the fleet was complemented with typical Alstom low-floor Citadis trams. Power supply is via a 750 V dc overhead wire. Track gauge is 1435 mm.

At Tunis Marine, the Métro links to the TGM suburban line and at Place Barcelone transfer is possible to Tunisian State Railways. The metro is operated by Société du Métro Léger de Tunis (SMLT).

Tunis Metro Gallery Tunis Metro Gallery Tunis Metro Gallery Tunis Metro Gallery
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Tunis Metro Zonal Map1985 - Line 1 (10 km)
1989 - Line 2
1990 - Line 3/5 and Line 4
11-08-2008: Line 6 - Mohamed Ali - El Montazah
12-11-2008: Line 6 - El Montazah - El Mourouj 4
10-12-2009: Line 4 Den Den - Kheireddine (5.3 km)

 Réseau Ferroviaire Rapide

Line A operates from Gare de Tunis to Borj Cedria (Erriadh) in the southeast (23 km) on the existing metre-gauge line; launched in June 2012.

Line E operates on a partly rebuilt and partly new alignment, using 1435 mm gauge:
20 Mar 2023: Gare de Tunis - Bougatfa (6.3 km)


Métro Léger de Tunis (TRANSTU)

SNCFT - Tunisian Railways

Métro léger de Tunis at Wikipedia.fr

RFR (Réseau ferroviaire rapide) at Wikipedia.fr


Photo © Manuel González Márquez Photo © Manuel González Márquez
Photos © Manuel González Márquez


Station République

TGM Railway station

metro ticket

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