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 Ceará . Brazil

Fortaleza Metro map (under construction) thanks to Felix Nikitin


Fortaleza metropolitan area - estimated population 3.6 million

A former suburban network of two lines is being converted into a modern metro system. The metre-gauge is maintained but all routes have to be double-tracked.

The 24.1 km Linha Sul (Southern Line) was diverted into the city centre via a 3.9 km long tunnel, with 4 underground stations, all with 110 m long platforms. Once planned to open in mid-2002, another financial injection was approved in Jan. 2009 to complete the initial section in 2010, and the first section finally opened with a limited trial service on 15 June 2012 from Parangaba to Carlito Benevides (formerly Vila das Flores), with the next section to Benfica following in Sept 2012. Revenue service (though closing at 19:00) was eventually launched on 1 Oct 2014.

Stations from south to north: Carlito Benevides (formerly Vila das Flores); Jereissati; Maracanaú; Virgílio Távora (formerly Novo Maracanaú); Rachel de Queiroz (formerly Pajuçara); Alto Alegre; Aracapé; Esperança (formerly Conjunto Esperança); Mondubim; Manoel Sátiro; Vila Pery; Parangaba; Couto Fernandes, Porangabussu; Benfica; São Benedito; José de Alencar (formerly Lagoinha) and Estação Central-Chico da Silva (formerly João Felipe).

A fleet of 20 air-conditioned 3-car trains was supplied by Ansaldobreda.

The Ramal Parangaba - Mucuripe is light rail line (VLT) running at grade, operated with diesel-power vehicles. Limited service between Parangaba and Borges de Melo started on 24 July 2017, extended to Papicu on 6 July 2018, and to Iate on 16 Sept 2020.



15 June 2012: Parangaba - Carlito Benevides (limited trial service)
28 Sept 2012: Parangaba - Benfica (limited trial service 08:00-12:00)
01 Oct 2014: Estação Central-Chico da Silva - Carlito Benevides (full revenue service; 06:30-19:00)
15 May 2017: Juscelino Kubitschek added
Dec 2019: Padre Cícero added
29 Dec 2022: Expedicionários added



Rolling stock previously serving the Southern Line is being overhauled and transfered to the West Line (Linha Oeste) which will also be double-tracked to allow a 20-minute interval. In a later stage, the West Line will be electrified and the metro system extended to 43 km.

Linha Leste (Eastern Line) was announced in Feb. 2012: ~13 km mostly underground - Stage 1 under construction from Tirol to Papicu (7.3 km).




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