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 Québec . Canada

Montréal Métro Map © R. Schwandl (UrbanRail.Net)


Métro LogoMontréal is the major city in Québec, Canada, and has 1.8 million inhabitants (3.5 million in Greater Montreal). The city lies on Montreal Island in the Saint-Lawrence-River, and on the foot of Mont-Royal.

The 4-line system opened in 1966 is similar to the Métro of Marseille, Lyon or some lines in Paris as it is rubber-tyred and totally underground. One outstanding feature of the Montréal Métro are its transfer stations, especially Snowdon and Lionel-Groulx where passengers can change lines across the platforms, but also Berri-UQAM and Jean-Talon are well planned.

On 14 Oct. 1966, lines 1 and 2, now generally referred to as the green line and the orange line, opened between Atwater and Papineau, and between Place-d'Armes and Henri-Bourassa. Some months later, Frontenac (19 Dec) and Beaudry stations (21 Dec) were added to line 1, and Square-Victoria (6 Feb 1967) and Bonaventure (13 Feb) completed the initial line 2. On 31 March 1967, line 4, now the yellow line opened as well, this is a shuttle service from the city centre to the other side of the river at Longueuil with one intermediate stop on St. Helen's Island, Jean-Drapeau.

Line 5, or the blue line, started operating in 1986 between De Castelnau and Saint-Michel, in 1988 it reached the orange line at Snowdon.

Eventually the eastern leg of the orange line was extended to the city of Laval (5.2 km) in 2007, with three new stations, Cartier, la Concorde and Montmorency.

Currently the network is 69.2 km long and has 68 stations (2007).

NEWS: 468 new cars (52 nine-car trains) were ordered from Bombardier/Alstom in Nov 2010 for delivery between 2014 and 2018.


Metro Montreal Metro Montreal Metro Montreal Metro Montreal Metro Montreal Metro Montreal

14 Oct 1966: (1) green Atwater - Papineau
14 Oct 1966: (2) orange Place-d'Armes - Henri-Bourassa
19 Dec 1966: (1)
green Papineau - Frontenac
21 Dec 1966: (1)
green Beaudry added
06 Feb 1967:
(2) orange Place-d'Armes - Square-Victoria
13 Feb 1967: (2) orange Square-Victoria - Bonaventure
31 Mar 1967: (4) yellow
Berri-UQAM - Longueuil
28 Apr 1967: (4) yellow
Île-Sainte-Hélène (now Jean-Drapeau) added
06 Jun 1976: (1) green Frontenac - Honoré-Beaugrand
03 Sep 1978: (1)
green Atwater - Angrignon
28 Apr 1980: (2)
orange Bonaventure - Place-Saint-Henri
07 Sep 1981:
(2) orange Place-Saint-Henri - Snowdon
04 Jan 1982:
(2) orange Snowdon - Côte-Sainte-Catherine
29 Jun 1982:
(2) orange Côte-Sainte-Catherine - Plamondon
09 Jan 1984:
(2) orange Plamondon - Du Collège
16 Jun 1986: (5) blue De Castelnau - Saint-Michel
27 Oct 1986:
(2) orange Du Collège - Côte-Vertu
15 Jun 1987: (5) blue De Castelnau - Parc
04 Jan 1988: (5) blue Parc - Snowdon
28 Mar 1988: (5) blue Acadie added

28 Apr 2007: (2) orange Henri-Bourassa - Montmorency


A 6.2 km extension on the blue line to the northeast with 5 stations has been planned for a long time; construction start now set for 2021 for a 2026 opening. [Project Website]

The orange line may be extended northwest from the Côte-Vertu station to link up with the Bois-Franc commuter rail station.

For further metro projects click here!



REM - Réseau Électrique Métropolitain, is a separate electric suburban metro service across the metropolitan area, partly taking advantage of existing rail corridors. Construction was launched in April 2018, and the first section opened in 2023, linking the city centre to the South Shore of the Saint-Lawrence River.

Commuter rail service through Mont Royal tunnel was discontinued on 10 May 2020, with trains from Deux Montagnes cut back to Bois Franc until the classic suburban service ended completely on 31 Dec 2020. Along the tunnel section, two new stations are under construction to provide interchange with the existing Métro, at McGill for the Green Line, and at Édouard-Montpetit for the Blue Line.

[Project Website]

31 July 2023: Gare Centrale - Brossard




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Cremazie © Matt McLauchlin Lionel Groulx © Matt McLauchlin Beaudry © Matt McLauchlin Monk 2002 © Matt McLauchlin Monk 2002 © Matt McLauchlin Namur 2002 © Matt McLauchlin Peel 2002 © Matt McLauchlin Vendome 2002 © Matt McLauchlin St.-Henri 2002 © Matt McLauchlin Place des Arts 2002 © Matt McLauchlin

Photos 2002 © Matt McLauchlin

Mont Royal station entrance © Michal Murawa Edouard Montpetit station © Michal Murawa Jean Talon station © Michal Murawa Place des Arts © Michal Murawa
Photos © Michal Murawa; See more pictures at www.nycsubway.org


Montréal, Éditions Hurtubise HMH, 2001, 160 p.
ISBN: 2-89428-526-4

This great book tells the full story of the Montreal Metro, with lots of great colour photographs, many historical maps and other interesting items. Even if you can't read French, this book is a must for every metro fan.


2007 © Robert Schwandl (UrbanRail.Net)