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 Ontario . Canada

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Subway LogoWith more than 6.5 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area, Toronto (2.7 million inh.) is the largest city in Canada.

TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) operates three full metro lines (1495 mm gauge) and, until July 2023, one short light rail type line (Scarborough RT). Apart from these rapid transit rail lines there is an 82 km long streetcar network as well as the GO Transit suburban rail service connecting with the metro at the central Union station and other stations. Additional line numbers were first introduced in March 2014. A special airport service, the Union Pearson Express, was brought into service on 6 June 2015.

Total length (12/2017): 78.6 km (60.6 km underground, 8 km elevated, 10 km ground level)


Toronto subway Toronto subway
 [1] Yonge-University-Spadina Subway

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre - Finch, 39.6 km, 38 stations, U-shaped line giving two north-south routes

30 Mar 1954: Eglinton - Union (7.4 km)
28 Feb 1963: Union - St.George
31 Mar 1973: Eglinton - York Mills
30 Mar 1974: York Mills - Finch
28 Jan 1978: St.George - Wilson
18 Jun 1987: North York Centre station added
31 Mar 1996: Wilson - Downsview (now Sheppard West)
17 Dec 2017: Sheppard West - Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (8.6 km)


Toronto subway Toronto subway Toronto subway


 [2] Bloor-Danforth Subway

Kipling - Kennedy, 27.5 km, 31 stations, east-west line parallel to Lake Ontario

26 Feb 1966: Keele - Woodbine
11 May 1968: Keele - Islington, Woodbine - Warden
22 Nov 1980: Islington - Kipling, Warden - Kennedy


Toronto subway Toronto subway Toronto subway


 [3] Scarborough RT

Kennedy - McCowan, 6.4 km, 6 stations, driverless small-profile metro, partly elevated and partly at grade (around Ellesmere and Lawrence East stations), to be replaced by a subway extension.

24 May 1985 - Kennedy - McCowan

Line 3 was set to close in November 2023, but after a derailment on 24 July 2023 it remains permanently closed earlier than scheduled.


Scarborough RT Scarborough RT Scarborough RT


 [4] Sheppard Subway

Sheppard/Yonge - Don Mills, 5.5 km, 5 stations

24 Nov 2002 - Sheppard/Yonge - Don Mills


Toronto subway Toronto subway Toronto subway




Bloor-Danforth Subway is being extended 7.8 km to Scarborough to replace Scarborough RT line (Project Website)

The 19 km Eglinton Crosstown LRT [5], now under construction, will include a 9.8 km underground section. The new line will be operated with low-floor vehicles and run mostly along Eglinton Avenue (2024). (Project Website)

Hurontario LRT (Hazel McCallion Line): To the west of Toronto, a light rail line is planned along Hurontario Street, linking Port Credit GO station in Mississauga to Brampton GO station in Brampton (2025) (Project Website)

Finch West LRT: 11 km along Finch West from the new Finch West subway station on the Toronto-York Spadina subway extension to Humber College (2024) (More info)

The 15.6 km Ontario Line, a completely new subway line (with some surface sections) officially started construction in March 2022. (Project Website)

The 8 km Yonge North Subway Extension (YNSE) (6.3 km underground) started construction in Feb 2023. (Project Website)

All projects here on Metrolinx website!



Toronto subway Toronto subway Toronto subway Toronto subway Toronto subway Toronto subway Toronto subway Toronto subway

More Toronto Subway pictures by Robert Barrows

Scarborough RT GO Transit Union Pearson Express

 Older Photos

Yonge-University-Spadina + Bloor-Danforth Subways

Eglinton West  © Mark Michalovic Downsview  © Mark Michalovic Downsview  © Mark Michalovic Dupont  © Mark Michalovic Davisville yard © Mark Michalovic Bloor-Danforth subway © Mark Michalovic Kipling  © Mark Michalovic
Photos © Mark Michalovic

Sheppard Subway:

Sheppard/Yonge Bayview Bessarion
Photos © Michael Batori

Scarborough RT:

McCowan © Mark Michalovic Kennedy © Mark Michalovic McCowan © Mark Michalovic Scarborough RT train © Mark Michalovic Kennedy © Mark Michalovic
Photos © Mark Michalovic


TTC (Official Site) - Subway and Streetcar Operator

GO Transit - Toronto Area Commuter Rail Home Page

Metrolinx - Ontario Transport Planning Authority

James Bow's The Transit Toronto Website - Subways & Streetcars
incl. Sheppard Subway Extension and Eglinton West Subway project

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CPTDB - Toronto - Rolling stock roster, etc.

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