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The present Bangkok mass transit system comprises two different types of metros: 1) the elevated BTS system, the so-called Skytrain - rot fai fah in Thai, and 2) the underground MRT subway. Although BTS and MRT use similar technology (trains, signalling & train control), there is no track connection between them. All MRT stations are equipped with platform-screen-doors, which initially did not apply to any BTS station (in the meantime, the busiest have been retrofitted with half-height gates).

Besides the mass transit rail systems, Water Buses provide a fast transport service on the Chao Phraya River; at present, transfer to the BTS system is only possible at Saphan Taksin station.

   Green Lines (BTS-Skytrain)  

This is a completely elevated system built by Siemens as a turnkey project, opened in 1999, initially 23 km long with 23 stations. In 2021, the BTS system consists of two lines:
- Sukhumvit Line (51.2 km)
- Silom Line (13.2 km)

Track gauge is 1435 mm and power supply is via third rail at 750 V DC. The original 3-car trains were 65 m long (a fourth car was added to all trains between 2012 and 2013), air-conditioned and run at an average speed of 35 kph. Saphan Taksin station on the Silom Line was only planned as a temporary station, but as it offers an excellent connection to the Water Buses on Chao Phraya River, it remains open after the extension to Wongwian Yai, although the single-track section at Saphan Taksin station limits the capacity on the Silom Line.

05 Dec 1999: basic BTS network
- Sukhumvit Line Mo Chit - On Nut (16 km)
- Silom Line National Stadium - Saphan Taksin (6.3 km)

15 May 2009: Silom Line Saphan Taksin - Wong Wian Yai (2.2 km)
Aug 2011: Sukhumvit Line On Nut - Bearing (5.25 km)
12 Jan 2013: Silom Line Wong Wian Yai - Pho Nimit (1.0 km)
14 Feb 2013: Silom Line Pho Nimit - Talat Phlu (1.2 km)
05 Dec 2013: Silom Line Talat Phlu - Bang Wa (2.6 km)
03 Apr 2017: Sukhumvit Line Bearing - Samrong (1.2 km)
06 Dec 2018:
Sukhumvit Line Samrong - Kheha (10 km; operated separately from the Mo Chit - Samrong main line)
09 Aug 2019:
Sukhumvit Line Mo Chit - Ha Yaek Lat Phrao (1.4 km)
04 Dec 2019: Sukhumvit Line Ha Yaek Lat Phrao - Kasetsart University (3.3 km)
05 Jun 2020: Sukhumvit Line Kasetsart University - Wat Phra Sri Mahathat (4.3 km)
16 Dec 2020:
Sukhumvit Line Wat Phra Sri Mahathat - Khu Khot (9.8 km)
08 Feb 2021: Silom Line Saint Louis station

Photo © Neil Madhvani Photo © Neil Madhvani Photo © Neil Madhvani Photo © Neil Madhvani Skytrain Skytrain Skytrain Sala Daeng station Skytrain Skytrain
Photos Neil Madhvani | Craig Moore | Roman Meister


 MRT Blue Line (BEM)


In August 1997 construction work began on this 21 km underground full metro with 18 stations; it finally opened for trial service in April 2004. In December 2001, Siemens was awarded the contract to build 19 three-car trains for this line and to provide the necessary operating equipment. This is an MRT line (MRTA) but BEM (formerly BMCL) is the operator via a concession contract from the MRTA.

A 1-station extension from Bang Sue to Tao Poon was eventually completed in Aug 2017 to create an interchange with the Purple Line.

The standard Blue Line station has an island platform on level -3. Sam Yan, Silom and Lumphini stations have side platforms on different levels, each with trains to Bang Sue on level -2, and trains to Hua Lamphong on level -4, whereas Bang Sue and Khlong Toei stations have two side platforms on the same level. Thailand Cultural Centre is much bigger than other comparable stations: the Blue Line stops on level -3, while level -2 is prepared to accommodate the Orange Line in the future. The surface Blue Line depot is connected directly to both Thailand Cultural Centre and Phra Ram 9 stations. A track connection between Blue and Orange Lines will be made via this depot.

13 April 2004: trial service

03 July 2004: Bang Sue - Hua Lampong (normal revenue service)
11 Aug 2017: Bang Sue Tao Poon (1.2 km)
13 Aug 2019: Hua Lampong - Tha Phra (service starting from 07:00-21:00 every 8 min after limited trial service since 29 July 2019)
24 Aug 2019: Tha Phra - Bang Wa (
21 Sept 2019:
Bang Wa - (06:00-23:30)
29 Sept 2019:
Hua Lampong - Lak Song full revenue service on entire extension
04 Dec 2019: Tao Poon - Sirindhorn (limited trial service, 10:00-16:00)
15 Feb 2020:
Tao Poon - Tha Phra (free shuttle service, 06:00-24:00)
30 Mar 2020: full through service on entire Blue Line
Tha Phra - Bang Sue - Sukhumvit - Silom - Tha Phra - Lak Song

Bangkok Blue Line Bangkok Blue Line Bangkok Blue Line

More Blue Line photos


 MRT Purple Line (BEM)


Elevated metro line: 16 stations, 23 km; Construction started early 2010, opened in Aug 2016. (Website)

Like the Blue Line, this is an MRT line (MRTA) operated by BEM (formerly BMCL) via a concession contract from the MRTA.

06 Aug 2016: Tao Poon - Khlong Bang Phai

Purple Line Purple Line Purple Line Purple Line Purple Line
Photos Roman Meister | More Purple Line photos here



 Orange Line


Metro line - under construction (see below)



 Yellow Line


Monorail line through the southeast of the metropolitan area:

03 June 2023: limited trial operation
19 June 2023: Lat Phrao - Samrong (30.4 km) (regular service 06:00-21:00, free until July 3rd)


Yellow Line Yellow Line



 Pink Line


Monorail line through the northern suburbs, operated driverless with Bombardier Innovia Monorail 300 trains.

21 Nov 2023: Nonthaburi Civic Center Min Buri (34.5 km) (free trial service)


Pink Line Pink Line



 City Line & Airport Rail Link


28 km elevated line with 8 stations, standard gauge, from Phaya Thai via Makkasan/City-Terminal to Suvarnabhumi Airport, every 15 minutes, shared with special non-stop airport express which departs from Makkasan/City-Terminal, opened for commercial operation on 23 August 2010. After some years, however, the Airport express trains were discontinued, and the red trains now also operate as all-stops City Line trains.

23 Aug 2010: Phaya Thai - Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bangkok Airport Line Bangkok Airport Line Bangkok Airport Line Makkasan City Line City Line
Photos Amnat Phutthamrong | Roman Meister


 Red Line


Suburban rail service (elevated, 1000 mm gauge) heading north and west from new Bang Sue terminal, with free trial service finally launched in Aug 2021 (every 30 minutes 06:00-20:00; every 15 minutes during rush hour), while full revenue service started on 30 Nov 2021 (05:30-24:00), with a train every 20 minutes:

02 Aug 2021: Bang Sue - Rangsit (26 km)
02 Aug 2021: Bang Sue - Taling Chan (15 km)


Red Line Red Line



 Gold Line


The Gold Line is an automatic peoplemover linking Krung Thonburi on the Silom Line with Klong San, serving the Icon Siam shoppping mall at the intermediate Charoen Nakorn station

16 Dec 2020: Krung Thonburi - Klong San; 1.72 km, 3 stations


Gold Line Gold Line



BTS Light Green Line (Sukhumvit)
1) Samut Prakan to Bang Pooyai, 7.5 km, 4 stations (E24-E27). (Planned)

Khu Khot to Lam Lukka: 9 km, 5 stations (N25-N29). (Planned)
2) Sena Ruam station (N6). (Planned)

BTS Dark Green Line (Silom)
1) Bang Wa to Taling Chan: 7.5 km, 6 stations (S13-S18). (Planned)

1) National Stadium (W1) to Yot Se: 2 stations 2.2 km (Planned)


1) Pink Line spur line (Si Rat - Muang Thong Thani Lake): 2.8 km, 2 stations (Construction started Aug 2022) (Website)
2) Orange Line - 36 km, 27 stations (26 km 20 stations underground, 11 km 7 stations elevated) (Website)
  a) Phase 1 east section: Thai Cultural Center - Bang Kapi - Min Buri (22.5 km, 18 stations - 11 underground, 7 elevated). (Construction started June 2017 for completion in late 2024.)

  b) Phase 2 west section: (Thai Cultural Center to Bang Khunnon) (13.4 km, 12 Stations - pending start of construction)

3) Purple Line southern extension (Tao Pun Wong Wian Yai Phra Padeang): 23.6 km 17 stations (12.6 km 10 stations underground, 11km 7 stations elevated) (Construction started in June 2022, for completion in Dec 2027) (Website)
4) Blue Line west extension (Lak Song - Phutthamonthong Sai 4): 8 km, 4 stations (Planned)
5) Brown monorail Line (Nonthaburi - Lam Sali): 22 km, 21 stations (Planned)

BMA (Bangkok Municipal Authority projects):
1)    Grey Line (Watcharapon Thonglor): 15 km, 15 stations (Planned)
2) Bang Na Junction - Bangkok Airport line: 19.7 km, 14 stations (Planned)

SRT Airport Rail Link (ARL): 
Extension from Makkasan (City Air Terminal) to new Bang Sue Terminal and Don Muang Airport (2nd BKK Airport): 5 stations, 21.8 km (18.3 km elevated, 3.5 km underground) (Planned)

SRT: Suburban Rail System (elevated, 1000 mm gauge) (Website):

1) Light Red Line west extension (Taling Chan Salaya): 14.8 km, 4 stations. (Current tender)
   a) Light Red Line west spur (Taling Chan Sririraj): 5.7 km, 3 stations (Planned)

2) Dark Red Line north extension: Rangsit - Thammasat University: 8.8 km, 4 stations. (Current tender)
3) Light Red Line east extension (Bang Sue - Hua Mark): 11 km, 7 stations (Planned)
4) Dark Red Line south extension (Bang Sue - Mahachai): 59 km, 22 stations (Planned)
   a) Bang Sue to Hualumphong - Wong Wian Yai, 7 stations
   b) Wong Wian Yai - Mahachai, 15 stations

View all urban rail projects on Google Maps!

Skytrain © Ron Morris Skytrain © Ron Morris Skytrain © Ron Morris Skytrain © Ron Morris Skytrain © Ron Morris
Photos Ron Morris

Photo © Neil Madhvani Photo © Neil Madhvani Photo © Neil Madhvani Photo © Neil Madhvani
Photos Neil Madhvani




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