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Hong Kong Tuen Mun Light Rail

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Apart from the heavy rail rapid transit lines, MTR also operates a dense network of light rail routes in the north-western district. The network began service in 1988 and was gradually expanded into nowadays a network of 36 km with 68 stops. It runs at grade in most sections. Light rail passengers can interchange for the Tuen Ma Line (previously known as West Rail) at Yuen Long, Tin Shui Wai, Siu Hong and Tuen Mun stations.


Tuen Mun Light Rail Tuen Mun Light Rail Tuen Mun Light Rail

Tuen Mun Light Rail Tuen Mun Light Rail Tuen Mun Light Rail

Tuen Mun LRT Tuen Mun LRT Tuen Mun LRT


Hong Kong Heritage TramwayIn 2004, Hong Kong's downtown tramway celebrated its 100th anniversary. It is the world's only double-decker tram that is in commercial operation. The system was first proposed in 1881, but failed to attract private investment for nearly 20 years.

The tram runs between the East and West of the north shore of the HK Island, along the busiest trunk road of the island, and spans to the Happy Valley Racecourse in a little loop. The system is entirely at grade, and shares roads with common vehicles. It takes 45 mins from Shau Kei Wan to Central (on MTR: 19 mins). There is no air-conditioning yet the fare is very low. Its easily accessible locations, price and open view make it an ideal transport among visitors and budget commuters.

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- route length 16.7 km
- 1067 mm gauge
- operated by Veolia

Hong Kong Streetcar Hong Kong Streetcar

Hong Kong Streetcar Hong Kong Streetcar


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