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  Madhya Pradesh . India



In Nov. 2018, Metro Report International says:

The state government of Madhya Pradesh has reached agreement with the national government for the construction of metro networks in the cities of Bhopal and Indore.

Bhopal is initially looking to develop two routes as the first stage of a planned six line network. The 15 km Line 2 with 16 stations would run from Karond Circle in the north of the city to AIIMS in the southeast, while the 129 km Line 5 would link Bhadbhada Square in the west to Ratnagiri Tiraha in the east, serving 14 stations. The two routes would link many of the key areas in the city, intersecting at Bogda Pul to the south of the city centre.

Line 2 would be mostly elevated, but with a short tunnelled section including two underground stations serving the main Indian Railways station at Bhopal Junction and Bhopal Bus Station. Line 5 would be elevated throughout. Estimated cost of the two lines is put at Rs70bn. The national and state governments are expected to provide much of the financing through matching equity stakes, with further funding coming through a loan from the European Investment Bank.



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