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  Madhya Pradesh . India



In Nov. 2018, Metro Report International says:

The state government of Madhya Pradesh has reached agreement with the national government for the construction of metro networks in the cities of Bhopal and Indore.

Indore is planning to start with a 316 km ring line, which could later be augmented by three north-south corridors. The core section of Line 3 would run from the airport in the west to Bengali Square in the east via the city centre, including an interchange at the main IR station. The line would then turn north and loop around the northern suburbs to Ghandi Nagar, where the depot would be located just west of the airport. The line would serve 30 stations. Estimated cost is put at Rs75bn with the state and national governments again taking equal equity stakes. Additional financing for the Indore Metro will come through loans from the Asian Development Bank and New Development Bank.



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