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Taipei Metro MapClick on map to expand to full Taipei/New Taipei/Taoyuan area!


Chientan  © Hou Jan Liao The capital of Taiwan, Taipei (pop. 2.7 million) lies at the centre of a densely populated urban region including New Taipei City, a municipality that completely encircles Taipei. This metropolitan area (2344 km2) has a population of 6.6 million.

The construction of a medium and high capacity metro network began in 1988, under management of the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation. Commencing operations in 1996, the VAL Muzha Line (BR) has since been joined by four full metro lines and a new light metro service, with the six-line network now reaching 146.2 km. For many years, the red, green and orange lines were interlaced, but, since Nov 2014, when the long-planned network layout was finally realised, all lines have been separated. New branding and a Japanese-style line/station coding system was introduced in 2017. The Taipei Metro covers the metropolitan region and provides transfer to other rail provision including the Taoyuan Metro, suburban rail services, and a LRT line.

 Brown Line [BR]
 Wenhu Line

Construction of the 1880 mm gauge, rubber-tyred VAL line began in late 1988, with revenue services on the southern elevated section (then known as the Muzha Line), beginning in Spring 1996. In mid-2009, the northern section (Neihu Line) from Zhongshan Jr. High School commenced operations, including a 4.4 km underground alignment around Songshan Airport (2 stations), with a journey on the entire route taking 45 mins. In 2017 the separate line designations were terminated, and the service rebranded as the Wenhu Line. Four-car Alstom and Bombardier trains operate 2-6 min frequencies.

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center - Taipei Zoo; 25.2 km, 24 stations, formerly "Line 1"

28 Mar 1996: Taipei Zoo - Zhongshan Jr. High School (10.6 km)
04 July 2009: Zhongshan Jr. High School - Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (14.6 km)

Wenhu Line Wenhu Line Wenhu Line


Red Line [R]
 Tamsui-Xinyi Line

Partly following the route of the early 20th century Tamsui Railway to the north of Beitou, the Tamsui-Xinyi Line was the first full metro service on the Taipei Metro system when services from Tamsui to Zhongshan began in spring 1997. The standard-gauge line (third rail, 750 V DC) has a mix of grade, elevated and underground (9.6 km) alignments. The Kawasaki rolling stock operates 8 min frequencies on the full route, with headways halved as alternate services operate short runs between Daan and Beitou. The four-platform Beitou station also provides transfer to the elevated shuttle branch to Xinbeitou which operates every 12 mins.

Tamsui - Xiangshan; 28.3 km, 27 stations, formerly "Line 2"
+ Xinbeitou Branch Line: Beitou - Xinbeitou; 1.0 km (above ground), 2 stations

28 Mar 1997: Tamsui – Zhongshan (19.5 km)
28 Mar 1997: Xinbeitou – Beitou (1.0 km)
25 Dec 1997: Zhongshan - Taipei Main Station (0.5 km)
24 Dec 1998: Taipei Main Station – C.K.S Memorial Hall (1.9 km)
24 Nov 2013: C.K.S Memorial Hall – Xiangshan (6.4 km)

Tamsui-Xinyi Line Tamsui-Xinyi Line Tamsui-Xinyi Line


Green Line [G]
 Songshan-Xindian Line

The fully underground Songshan-Xindian Line commenced operations in late 1999, reaching the southern terminus of Xindan, with through-running trains to Tamsui changing line designation to the Red Line at C.K.S Memorial Hall. At Qizhang, the partly grade Xiaobitan branch opened in 2004 as a shuttle service (15 min frequencies) and in late 2014, the eastward extension to Songshan became operational, finally disentangling the Green and Red lines and terminating through services to Tamsui. The line has 6 min frequencies which are augmented by additional services between Songshan and Taipower Building stations.

Songshan - Xindian; 18.9 km, 19 stations, formerly "Line 3"
+ Xiaobitan Branch Line: Qizhang - Xiaobitan; 1.8 km, 2 stations (0.5 km above ground)

11 Nov 1999: C.K.S. Memorial Hall - Guting - Xindian (9.2 km)
31 Aug 2000: Ximen - C.K.S. Memorial Hall (1.8 km)
29 Sept 2004: Qizhang - Xiaobitan (1.8 km)
15 Nov 2014: Ximen - Songshan
(7.9 km)

Taipei Metro Taipei Metro Taipei Metro


Orange Line [O]
 Zhonghe-Xinlu Line

The southern section of this fully underground line opened in late 1998. Originally sharing tracks with the Red and Green lines between Guting and Taipei Main station, the service ran north to Beitou as the Red line after C.K.S. Memorial Hall. In 2010, the section from Zhongxiao Xinsheng to the suburbs west of Taipei commenced operations, with the line splitting on the west bank of the Tamsui River to form an 11 km branch toward Huilong. In 2012, the southern and western sections were eventually connected via Dongmen to permit through-running across the full line. Trains on each branch operate 8 min frequencies, with services doubled on the shared section to Nanshijiao.

Luzhou / Huilong - Nanshijiao; 29.3 km, 26 stations, formerly "Line 4"

24 Dec 1998: Taipei Main Station - Guting - Nanshijiao (5.2 km from Guting)
03 Nov 2010: Zhongxiao Xinsheng - Luzhou (10.4 km)
05 Jan 2012: Daqiaotou - Fu Jen University (8.1 km)
30 Sept 2012: Zhongxiao Xinsheng - Dongmen - Guting (2.7 km)
29 June 2013: Fu Jen University - Huilong (2.9 km)

Zhonghe-Xinlu Line Zhonghe-Xinlu Line Zhonghe-Xinlu Line


Blue Line [BL]
 Bannan Line

Beginning construction in 1990, services on the fully underground Bannan line commenced in late 1999 with the opening of an 8 km section between central Taipei and the Wanhua District. The intervening years brought extensions to the south and east, with the line, uniquely, providing interchange with all other lines on the metro system. As with other high-capacity services on the Taipei metro, short-running operations create more intensive service in the centre, with 4 min headways between Kunyang and Far Eastern Hospital. Siemens Modular 6-car trains, similar to those in Singapore, run on the Bannan Line and the entire line has a 47 min journey time.

Dingpu - Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center; 26.6 km, 23 stations, formerly "Line 5"

24 Dec 1999: Taipei City Hall - Longshan Temple (7.7 km)
31 Aug 2000: Longshan Temple - Xinpu (3.8 km)
30 Dec 2000: Taipei City Hall – Kunyang (3.2 km)
31 May 2006: Xinpu - Yongning (7.5 km)

25 Dec 2008: Kunyang - Nangang (1.4 km)
27 Feb 2011:
Nangang - Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (1.1 km)
06 July 2015: Yongning - Dingpu (1.9 km)

Bannan Line Bannan Line Bannan Line


Yellow Line [Y]
 Circular Line

This fully automated, medium-capacity line began construction in 2011 with the western section opening in early 2020 after several delays. The northern terminus at New Taipei Industrial Park is the only station on the Taipei Metro to provide cross-platform access to the Taoyuan MRT, although different tickets are required. The line is elevated, with the exception of a 1.0 km underground section at the southern terminus of Dapinglin. 4-car driverless Hitachi Italy (Ansaldo) trains operate at 4-8 min frequencies. Construction of the northern and southern sections began in 2021 - the entire line eventually reaching 34.8 km with 31 stations.

New Taipei Industrial Park - Dapinglin; 15.1 km, 14 stations

31 Jan 2020: New Taipei Industrial Park - Dapinglin

Yellow Line Yellow Line Yellow Line


Taoyuan Metro [A]
 Airport Line

The Taoyuan Metro Corporation operates the Airport MRT which began commercial services in early 2017. The route mainly runs on viaduct and consists of two service types - commuter trains (Blue Line) which run from Huanbei to Taipei serving all stations at 15 min frequencies (1h20); and Airport Express trains (Purple Line) running from the Airport area to Taipei (39 mins) every 30 mins, calling at only two intermediate stations. Both services provide transfer to the Taipei Metro at Taipei Main Station and NTIP, although separate tickets are required. Four-car Kawasaki trains are used, with the Airport Express trains having an additional luggage car.

Taipei Main Station – Laojie River; 52.3 km, 26 stations - See our dedicated Taoyuan page!

02 Mar 2017: Taipei Main Station - Huanbei (regular service launched)
31 July 2023: Huanbei – Laojie River (0.8 km)

Airport MRT Airport MRT


28 Mar 1996: Muzha Line Taipei Zoo - Zhongshan Jr. High School
25 Dec. 1997: Tamsui Line Tamsui (Danshui) / Xinbeitou - Main Station
24 Dec. 1998: Zhonghe Line Main Station - Guting - Nanshijiao
11 Nov. 1999: Xindian Line Guting - Xindian
24 Dec. 1999: Blue Line Taipei City Hall - Longshan Temple
31 Aug. 2000: Blue Line Longshan Temple - Xinpu
31 Aug. 2000: Xiaonanmen Line Ximen - C.K.S. Memorial Hall
29 Dec. 2000: Blue LineTaipei City Hall - Kunyang

29 Sept. 2004: Xindian Line - branch Qizhang - Xiaobitan
31 May 2006: Blue Line Xinpu - Yongning
25 Dec 2008: Blue Line Kunyang - Nangang
04 July 2009: Neihu Line Zhongshan Jr. High School - Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
03 Nov 2010: Luzhou Line Zhongxiao Xinsheng - Luzhou
27 Feb 2011: Blue Line Nangang - Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
05 Jan 2012: Xinzhuang Line Daqiaotou - Fu Jen University

30 Sept 2012: Orange Line Zhongxiao Xinsheng - Dongmen - Guting
29 June 2013: Xinzhuang Line Fu Jen University - Huilong
24 Nov 2013: Xinyi Line Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall - Xiangshan (6.4 km)
15 Nov 2014: Songshan Line Ximen - Shongshan (8.5 km)
06 July 2015: Blue Line (L5) Yongning - Dingpu
02 Mar 2017: Airport MRT Taipei Main Station - Huanbei

31 Jan 2020: Circular Line New Taipei Industrial Park - Dapinglin (15.4 km)

In 2004, Taiwan introduced the commonly used transliteration of Chinese, therefore spelling may differ on maps (old spelling in brackets).


Circular Line (Yellow Line):
- Phase 2: Underground, 20.5 km, 15 stations. Taipei Zoo to Dapinglin and Wugu Industrial Park to Jiannan Road

Sanying Line: elevated 14.3 km route from southern Dingpu terminus of metro Line 5 to Yingge to the southeast of Taoyuan (12 stations). Construction beginning late 2016, with completion in 2023. In June 2016, a turnkey contract was signed with the ARH consortium led by Ansaldo STS, which includes RSEA Engineering Corp and Hitachi. Ansaldo will supply CBTC signalling, telecoms, power supplies, platform screen doors, automatic fare collection system, SCADA and depot equipment; Hitachi will supply 29 two-car trainsets.

For more details and long-term projects visit Wikipedia

 TRA Suburban Rail

Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) operates EMUs on Taipei suburban rail services from the nearby cities of Hsinchu/Taoyuan to Keelung/Pingxi (1067 gauge). Although there are different stopping patterns and no clock-face schedules, services are bundled in an underground corridor through central Taipei, forming 8 to 12 min headways. Replacing the original grade line, the 21.0 km tunnel runs from Fuzhou to Nangang, opening in stages between 1989 and 2011. This section includes five underground stations, four of which provide interchange with the Taipei Metro. East of Nangang, TRA services also use a 5 km viaduct.

TRA Taipei TRA Taipei TRA Taipei


 Danhai Light Rail

New Taipei Metro Corporation is constructing three autonomous lines within New Taipei City at Danhai, Ankeng and Sanying - all providing feeder services to the Taipei Metro. The Danhai LRT is located at the northern end of the Red Line. Opened in Dec 2018, the "Green Mountain Line" runs from Hongshulin to Kanding. In 2020, a branch from Binhai Shalun to Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf was added, with through services to Hongshulin labelled the "Blue Coast Line". The route is elevated to Tamsui District Office (5.2 km) with the remainder at grade. TRSC low-floor trams (34.5 m long, 2.65 m wide) depart Hongshulin every 7/8 mins, with alternating running on each line.

Hongshulin – Kanding/Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf; 9.7 km, 14 stations

24 Dec 2018: Hongshulin – Kanding (7.3 km)
15 Nov 2020: Binhai Shalun – Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf (2.4 km)

New Taipei Metro - Danhai Light Rail (Official Website)

Danhai Light Rail at Wikipedia

Danhai Light Rail Danhai Light Rail Danhai Light Rail


 Ankeng Light Rail

7.7 km light rail line (Line K) with 9 stops in the south of the metropolitan area, part of New Taipei; north half elevated, the rest at grade in median of a major road.

10 Feb 2023: Shisizhang (K09) - Shuangcheng (K01)

New Taipei Metro (Official Website)

Ankeng Light Rail at Wikipedia

Ankeng Line Ankeng Line Ankeng Line



Taipei Rapid Transit Corp. Website (official, English version)

Taipei Rapid Transit (governmental)

Rapid Transit Projects

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 Metro Photos

Taipei Metro Taipei Metro Taipei MetroTaipei Metro Taipei Metro Taipei Metro Taipei Metro Taipei Metro Taipei Metro Taipei Metro Taipei Metro Bannan Line Taipei Metro VAL Taipei Metro VAL Wenhu Line

Bannan Line Dingpu Station

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