OSLO Metro History

31-May-1898 - Holmenkolbanen Majorstuen-Besserud

17-Nov-1912 - Holmenkolbanen Majorstuen-Smestad (Smestadsbanen)

16-May-1916 - Holmenkolbanen Besserud – Frognerseteren (Tryvannsbanen)

18-Dec-1923 – A tram line Brynseng-Helsfyr (-Etterstad), later a part of T-bane system

03-Nov-1924 - Lilleakerbanen separates as A/S Bærumsbanen extending its tram line as far as to Avløs (the JarAvløs stretch was later linked to the T-bane Kolsåsbanen)

10-Jan-1926 - Østensjøbanen BrynsengOppsal, Godlia-Oppsal was single track

28-Jun-1928 - Holmenkolbanen Majorstuen-Nationaltheatret, first Scandinavian underground line with one intermediate underground station at Valkyrie Plass (closed mid-1980's)

01-Jan-1930 - Bærumsbanen AvløsKolsås

10-Oct-1934 - A/S Holmenkolbanen opens a branch line to Sognsvann (Sognsvannsbanen)

24-Jan-1935 - Røabanen Smestad Røa

15-Jun-1942 - Kolsåsbanen joins with Holmenkolbanen through Sørbyhaugen (JarSmestad). Trams from Lilleakersbanen terminate at Jar, the upgraded Kolsåsbanen line uses wider carriages.

22-Dec-1948 - Røabanen RøaGrini (Grini station is closed in Jan 1995)

03-Dec-1951 - Røabanen GriniLijordet

28-Apr-1957 - Lambertseterbanen BrynsengBergkrystallen

20-Jul-1958 - Østensjøbanen Oppsal Bøler

22-May-1966 – Oslo opens its T-bane in the eastern parts of the city Jernbanetorget – Brynseng – Bergkrystallen (Brynseng – Bergkrystallen upgraded from tram to T-bane)

16-Nov-1966 – Grorudsbanen Tøyen – Grorud

26-Oct-1967 – Tram connection to Etterstad with overhead power supply is closed, only 3rd rail left on Brynseng – Helsfyr section

29-Oct-1967 – Østensjøbanen upgraded to 3rd rail metro standards

26-Nov-1967 - Østensjøbanen Bøler Skullerud.
18-Nov-1970 - Furusetbanen Hellerud Haugerud
16-Nov-1972 - Røabanen extended to Østerås

03-Mar-1974 - Grorudsbanen Grorud – Rommen

18-Aug-1974 - Grorudsbanen Rommen Stovner

15-Dec-1974 - Furusetbanen Haugerud – Trosterud

21-Dec-1975 - Grorudsbanen Stovner – Vestli

09-Jan-1977 - Opening of Sentrum station of T-bane (closed on 22-Feb-1983)

19-Feb-1978 – Furusetbanen Trosterud – Furuset

08-Nov-1981 – Furusetbanen Furuset – Ellingsrudåsen

06-Mar-1987 - Stortinget station (former Sentrum) opens again linking T-bane trains from the east and Vestbane-trains from the west in the same station but without through trains due to different power supplies

1991 - All existing separate mass transit companies in Oslo (A/S Holmenkolbanen, A/S Ekebergsbanen) are merged with A/S Oslo Sporveier

05-May-1992 – Nordberg station on Sognsvannsbanen closed

10-Jan-1993 - With the refitting of Sognsvannsbanen with third rail through trains were operated on Linje 4 Sognsvann - Bergkrystallen for the first time. The same day Frøen station was closed (the stop on the Holmenkolbanen remaining in service).

19-Nov-1995 - Røabanen is upgraded to T-bane standards, the other lines (Holmenkolbanen and Kolsåsbanen) use trains with 2 types of power supply (catenary and third rail).

04-Jan-1998 – Østensjøbanen Skullerud – Mortensrud (2.5 km, mainly in tunnel).

22-Aug-1999 – Vestgrensa station is closed, being replaced by the Forskningsparken station (400 m closer to Blindern station), which allows easy transfer to the newly opened tram line to Rikshopitalet.

1-July-2003 - closure of Kolsåsbanen between Bekkestua and Kolsås, due to a lack of financial agreement between Oslo and Bærum counties.

20-Aug-2003 - Ullevål Stadion - Storo first part of future ring line, served by Line 5

22-Nov-2004 - reopening of Kolsåsbanen between Bekkestua and Kolsås

01-July-2006 - closure of Kolsåsbanen between Montebello and Kolsås for upgrading; temporary terminus Husebybakken established

21-Aug-2006 - Storo - Carl Berners plass ring line completed

31 May 2008: temporary Husebybakken station cancelled

18 Aug 2008: Kolsåsbanen reopened as a full metro line between Smestad and Åsjordet

14 Mar 2010: Line 1 Holmenkolbanen closed for upgrading

17 Aug 2010: Åsjordet - Bjørnsletta (Kolsåsbanen) reopened

01 Dec 2010: Bjørnsletta - Jar (Kolsåsbanen) reopened

06 Dec 2010: Majorstuen - Frognerseteren (Holmenkolbanen) reopened with third-rail power supply

15 Aug 2011: Jar - Bekkestua (Kolsåsbanen) reopened

08 Oct 2012: Bekkestua - Gjønnes (Kolsåsbanen) reopened

15 Dec 2013: Gjønnes - Avløs (Kolsåsbanen) reopened

12 Oct 2014: Avløs - Kolsås (Kolsåsbanen) reopened

03 April 2016: - Sinsen - Økern via Løren



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