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With almost 2 million inhabitants, Kharkiv (Khar'kov in Russian) is Ukraine's second largest city, situated in the eastern part of the country. Initially a combined network of existing suburban and new urban lines was planned during the 1960's, but when the first tunnel sections were finished common 2.7 m wide rolling stock was ordered for exclusive metro use.

The Kharkiv Metro was inaugurated on 23 August 1975 (10.4 km with 8 stations). Stations in the city centre are very deep, less so in outer areas. Similarly to the Moscow or Kyiv metros, most stations are beautiful underground palaces. Platform length is 100 m for 5-car trains on all lines. Between Kyivs'ka and Barabashova, the Saltivs'ka Line crosses the Kharkiv river on a 988 m covered bridge.

The network has a total length of about 38.5 km with 30 stations (2016):


 1  Kholodnohirsko–Zavods'ka Line (17.3 km, Russian Kholodnogorskaya-Zavodskaya; formerly Sverdlovsko-Zavodskaya)

Kholodnohirsko–Zavodska Line Kholodnohirsko–Zavodska Line

More Kholodnohirsko–Zavods'ka Line photos


 2  Saltivs'ka Line (10.2 km, Russian Saltovskaya; future Saltovsko-Shevchenkovskaya)

Saltivska Line Saltivska Line

More Saltivs'ka Line photos


 3  Oleksiivs'ka Line (11.0 km, Russian Alekseyevskaya; future Alekseyevsko-Gagarinskaya)

Oleksiivs'ka Line Oleksiivs'ka Line

More Oleksiivs'ka Line photos


23 Aug 1975 - Kholodna Gora (formerly Ul. Sverdlova) - Moskovs'kyi prospekt
23 Aug 1978 - Moskovs'kyi prospekt - Proletars'ka
11 Aug 1984 - Istorychnyi Muzei - Barabashova (7.7 km)
26 Oct 1986 - Barabashova - Heroiv Pratsi (Russian Geroyev Truda)
06 May 1995 - Metrobudivnykiv - Naukova
21 Aug 2004 - Naukova - 23 Serpnia (Russian 23 Avgusta) (2.6 km)
21 Dec 2010 - 23 Serpnia - Oleksiivska (2.0 km)
25 Aug 2016: Oleksiivska - Peremoha (1.1 km)

Dec 2015: Radianska station renamed Maidan Konstytutsii
Aug 2016: Radians'koi Armii > Armiys'ka; Imeni Marshala Zhukova > Palats Sportu; Proletars'ka > Industrial'na; Ploscha Povstannia > Zakhysnykiv Ukrainy (Defenders of Ukraine); Metrobudivnykiv im. Vaschenka > Metrobudivnykiv
Oct 2019: Moskovs'skyi Prospekt > Turboatom


Metro Kharkiv Metro Kharkiv

Kharkiv Metro Kharkiv Metro Kharkiv Metro


The Oleksiivs'ka Line is being extended south with two new stations, Derzhavins'ka and Odes'ka.

By the year 2025, 50 km of new lines with 30 stations should be built. See map with planned extensions.



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