What happened in the METRO World during 1998:

Berlin - 31/Dec/98 - S-Bahn lines S5 and S75 extended from Pichelsberg via Stresow to Spandau (U7)

Berlin - 15/Dec/98 - S-Bahn line S25 extended from Tegel to Henningsdorf

Madrid - 15/Dec/98 - Line 4 extended from Mar de Cristal to Parque Santa María (one intermediate station: San Lorenzo). So far 18 km (16 stations) of the 37km extension program 1995-1999 have been inaugurated.

Wien - 5/Dec/98 - Line U3 reached Ottakring (three new stations - Hütteldorferstraße, Kendlerstraße, Ottakring) 2km. 3,5km south to Simmering still under construction.

Nürnberg - 5/Dec/98 - Line U1 west extended into neighboring Fürth - two new stations: Fürth/Rathaus and Fürth/Stadthalle

Madrid - 1/Dec/98 - Line 9 extended from Pavones to Puerta de Arganda (Vicálvaro Renfe) with a new transfer station to RENFE Cercanías (Suburban Rail). This first phase of extension includes 4 new stations and is 4,6 km long. Another 18km long mainly above ground section to Arganda outside Madrid is still under construction.

Madrid - 16/Nov/98 - Line 11, a totally new line is added to Madrid's large underground network. For the moment it's a 3-stations-only line starting in southern Madrid at Plaza Elíptica on line 6 (ring line) to the neighborhood of Carabanchel (Abrantes - Pan Bendito).

Prague - 8/Nov/98 - Line B east extended from Ceskomoravská to Cerný most (5 new stations: Vysocanská - CKD* - Hloubetín* - Rajská zahrada - Cerný most)

* These two stations will be opened later.

Lisboa - 6/Nov/98 - The last station, Olivais, on the current line D (Linha Oriente) opened .

Madrid - 16/Oct/98 - Line 7 extended from Gregorio Marañón to Canal, a new transfer station also on line 2.

Paris - 15/Oct/98 - Finally after some years of delay Line 14 (Météor) was put into service between Madeleine and Massena-Tolbiac. This is the first fully automated metro line in Paris.

Berlin - 1/Oct/98 - a new station was added on line U2 between Potsdamer Platz and Gleisdreieck: Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Park.

Valencia (Spain) - 16/9/98 - Line 3 (initially planned as line 5) extended from Alameda (- Colón - Xàtiva - Àngel Guimerà -) to Avenida del Cid with a branch from Colón to Jesús.

Helsinki - 1/9/98 - Eastern extension from Itäkeskus to Vousaari in operation (3 stations: Poutila, Rastila, Vousaari)

Rio de Janeiro - Sept. 98 - Line 2 now operating to Pavuna (Stations between Vicente de Carvalho and Pavuna opening one after the other in the next weeks)

Rio de Janeiro - Aug. 98 - Line 1 extended from Botafogo to Cardeal Arcoverde (Copacabana)

Brussels - 25/8/98 - Line 1A: Heysel/Heizel Station put underground and line extended to Roi Baudouin/Koning Boudewijn (1km)

Lisbon - 8/8/98 - Line A opened from Restauradores to Baixa-Chiado (transfer to line C)

Madrid - 24/6/98 - After half a year Line 8 reappears as a new line on the Madrid Metro map: Mar de Cristal (Line 4) - Campo de las Naciones (Recintos Feriales) (Exhibition Center). The line is under construction further to Barajas Airport.

Paris - May 1998 - Line 13 finally extended from St. Denis Basilique to St.Denis Université

Warsaw - 26/5/98: Centrum station opened as the largest station on Line 1.

Munich - 24/5/98: U1 extended from Rotkreuzplatz to Westfriedhof (2 stations - Gern & Westfriedhof)

Lisbon - 19/5/98 - Line D (Linha do Oriente) opened from Alameda to Oriente where EXPO98 is held from 22/5 until 30/9. The Oriente Station was designed by the Spanish renowned architect Santiago Calatrava. Olivais and Cabo Ruivo stations opening in 6 weeks.

São Paulo - 29/4/98 - Line 1 - Blue extended from Santana to Tucuruví (3 stations)

Madrid - 27/4/98 - Line 4 opened from Esperanza to Mar de Cristal

Lisbon - April 98 - Line C (Caravela line) extended to Cais de Sodré (Rossio - Baixa/Chaido - Cais de Sodré). Transfer to line A (Gaivota line) will be possible from Aug. 98 at Baixa/Chiado.

Sofia - 28/1/98 - After some 20 years of construction, the first metro line starts operating from north-western area Obelya towards the city centre at K. Velichkov Ave (5 stations - 2 more under construction).

Madrid - Jan.98 - Line 8 and 10 joined to form new line 10 via Gregorio Marañón