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25 Feb 2001 - Kryvy Rih (Ukraine) info and map of rapid tram

12 Dec - New Los Angeles map

1-7 Dec - Chinese and Japanese pages updated - corrections welcome!

26 Nov - enhanced Boston page and new Frankfurt map 



10 Feb 2001 -- Frankfurt/Main - U4 Hauptbahnhof - Bockenheimer Warte

After some delays Frankfurt's only full metro line extended 2 stations to new interchange with U6/U7

13 Jan 2001 -- Washington -- Green Line Anacostia - Branch Ave

Completion of the Green Line's southern leg means completion of the the U.S. capital's 100 miles metro network (160 km)

29 Dec 2000 -- Taipei -- Blue Line Taipei City Hall - Kunyang

The Panchiao-Nankang Line was renamed into Blue Line and extended east with three new stations

28 Dec -- Novosibirsk -- Imena Pokryshkina

After more than 10 years of construction a new station could be added to Novosibrisk's east-west line

26 Dec -- Shanghai -- Line 3 (Pearl Line) & Line 2 Long Yang Rd - Zhangjiang

The third 25 km metro line (elevated) open for trial service; Line 2 extended east (2.8 km, 0.8 km underground, no intermediate station)

16 Dec -- Atlanta -- Dunwoody - North Springs

includes 3.2 km and two stations, Sandy Springs (underground) and the new terminus at North Springs

15 Dec -- Seoul - Line 6 Sangwolgok - Eungam Loop

Trains run along the 27 km long new stretch but skip unfinished 4 stations in the city centre

12 Dec -- Tokyo - O-EDO (Ring) Line completed

With this final extension Tokyo's ring line is 40.7 km long and has 36 stations (Shiodome station opening later)

2 Dec -- Vienna -- U3 Erdberg - Simmering

This 3.5 km long southern extension of Vienna's newest metro line concludes the second phase of the metro construction programme

30 Nov -- Mexico City -- Line B Villa Aragón - Ciudad Azteca

15 Nov -- Athens -- Line 2 Syntagma - Dafni

Line 2 is now finished in its first phase with this 5 km southern extension serving also the Acropolis tourist area

31 Oct -- Sofia -- Opalchenska - Serdika

This short extension takes Sofia's first metro line finally right into the heart of the city.

27 Oct -- Lille -- Line 2 Tourcoing Centre - C.H.Dron

This last extension takes Lille's second VAL line close to the Belgian border (total length 32 km)

26 Sept -- Tokyo -- Namboku Line Tameike-sanno - Meguro and Mita Line Mita - Meguro

For the first time both metro companies will run along the same track to Meguro (Namboku Line 5.2 km)

23 Sept -- Duisburg -- Duissern - Meiderich

A 3.6 km long underground extension under the river Ruhr to the northern districts (U79)

16 Sept -- Istanbul -- Taksim - 4 Levent

After long delays finally Istanbul's first heavy metro line (7 km, 6 stations) operating in the northeast of the city

16 Sept -- Berlin -- U2 Vinetastraße - Pankow

A short (400 m) underground extension of one of Berlin's oldest lines will provide better transfer to the S-Bahn-network

9 Sept -- Stuttgart -- U7 Heumaden - Nellingen

A 6.3 km long southern mainly surface extension of the Stuttgart light rail network

4 Sept -- Lyon -- Line B Jean Macé - Stade de Gerland

31 Aug -- Taipei -- Blue Line Lungshan Temple - Hsinpu and Green Line Hsimen - CKS Memorial Hall

31 Aug -- Moscow -- Line 9 Prazhskaya - Ulitsa Akademika Yangelya

7 Aug -- Seoul -- Line 6 Ponghwasan - Sangwolgok

First easternmost segment of this entirely new cross-city line

1 Aug -- Seoul -- Line 7 completed

The addition of the central 17 km long section of the olive green line creates a 45 km long line from the north-east to the south-west

20 July -- Manila -- MRT 3 south

The southern extension connects to the existing MRT 1 north-south line at Taft Ave/EDSA

24 June -- Los Angeles -- North Hollywood extension

10 km with only 3 stations

27 May -- São Paulo -- Line 6 Brás - Guaianazes

3 new stations were built in eastern São Paulo, the remaining stretch of the 22 km line has been converted from a suburban rail line.

27 May -- Köln (Cologne) -- Line 1 to Bensberg

A 500 m long underground extension on tram line 1 from its former surface terminus of the same name

22 May -- Izmir -- Line 1 Üçyol - Bornova

Opened for test service, regular service starting 25 August 2000

21 May -- Sydney -- Airport Line (East Hills Line branch)

27 April -- Buenos Aires -- Línea D Juramento - Congreso de Tucumán

20 April -- Tokyo -- O-Edo Line Shinjuku - Kokuritsu-kyogijomae

The first section of the future ring line between the transport hub at Shinjuku and the National Stadium, 2.4 km, 2 stations. At Yoyogi there will be transfer to the New Yurakucho Line.

3 April -- Tbilisi -- Saburtalinskaya extended to Vazha Pshavela

2 April -- Bielefeld -- Line 4 Rathaus - Universität

This last extension of the Bielefeld underground Stadtbahn network includes two more subway stations.

30 March -- Kyiv (Kiev) -- Dorohozhychy station

On the green line (Syrets'ko-Pechers'ka) another station was added towards the north after Luk'ianivs'ka.

7 March -- Tokyo -- Subway Crash - 4 people killed

Two Tokyo subway trains running on aboveground tracks collided near Naka-Meguro after one derailed, killing four passengers and injuring 33 others, three of them critically. The collision occurred at 9:01 a.m. about 150 meters northeast of Nakameguro Station in Meguro Ward on the Hibiya Line, which is operated by the Teito Rapid Transit Authority ( Eidan).

4 March -- Santiago de Chile -- Line 5 Baquedano - Santa Ana

The northern extension (2.8 km) of Line 5 in central Santiago includes 3 new stations of which Santa Ana provides transfer to Line 2.

1 March -- Bucharest -- Gara de Nord - Ion Mihalache

4 km long extension with 4 new stations from the North Railway Station to Ion Mihalache (1 Mai) in the northern part of the Rumanian capital.

28 Feb -- Seoul -- Line 7 Shinp'ung - Onsu

The western end of Seoul's olive green line is put into service from Shinp'ung, crossing Line 2 at Taerim, to its definitive terminus at Onsu where transfer to KNR trains to Inch'on is provided. (8 stations, 9 km). For some months until the middle section opens Line 7 will be operating as two separate lines. The north-western section between Chang-am in the north and Kunkuk Univ. on Line 2 has been operating since Oct. 1996.

21 Feb -- Tehran -- Line 2 western section

After 13 years of construction 10 km of Tehran's subway opened between the city centre at Imam Khomeini Square and the western Sadeqiveh Sq. where the line connects to the suburban line to Karaj- Mehrshahr which opened last March (9 stations).

19 Feb -- Hannover -- Line 11 reaches Expo site

Stadtbahn line 11 (Yellow route) now serves the eastern entrance of the Expo 2000 and Fair Grounds from the city centre (Steintor, Kröpcke or Aegidientorplatz)

28 Jan -- Athens -- Line 2 and Line 3 first phase

Finally the first sections of the new metro were taken into service. Line 2 Sepolia - Syntagma and Line 3 Syntagma - Ethniki Amyna (13 km with 14 stations).

20 Jan -- Tokyo -- Myoden station

An additional station was opened on the eastern leg of the Teito Tozai Line between Gyotoku and Baraki-Nakayama.

19 Jan -- Nagoya -- Meijo Line Ozone - Sunadabashi

2 new stations added to this line

10 Jan -- Tokyo -- Tama Monorail

The Tama Monorail near Tokyo was extended to Tama Center

1 Jan -- Rome -- Line A Valle Aurelia - Battistini

The last section of the western extension with 3 new stations Baldo degli Ubadli, Cornelia and Battistini

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Spring 2001 -- Napoli - Metro Collinare Vanvitelli - Dante

Mid 2001 -- Nizhniy Novgorod -- Sormovskaya: Burnakovskaya - Burevestnik

End of 2000 -- Samara -- Gagarinskaya - Moskovskaya

Mid 2001 -- Yekaterinburg -- Geologicheskaya

7 April 2001(?)-- Brasília -- First Line

15 April 2001 (?)-- Warsaw -- Centrum - Ratusz

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Subway / Metro / Underground / Mass Transit / U-Bahn openings -- 1998 -- 1999



Amsterdam (north-south line - 2000?-2006)

Athens (Line 3 to Monastiraki -2000)

Barcelona (extension of line 3, 1999-2001)

Bilbao (Line 2 San Inazio - Urbinaga 1997-2001)

Bologna (?)

Brussels (Line 1B extension from Bizet to Erasme Hospital)

Bucharest ( 1 Mai - Laromet; N.Grigorescu - L. Centura)

Budapest (Line M4 - Keleti pu - Kelenföldi pu)

Copenhague (line 1 -2002)

Dnepropetrovsk (extension of first line into city centre)

Donetsk (first line)

Florence: a new project to build a subway was studied by the local university and was finally approved. This subway will be composed of 4 circle lines. Each circle will intersect with the others. A round trip in one circle will take around 6 minutes.

Genoa (extension of first line through city centre)

Istanbul (Line 1- phase 2 Taksim - Yenikapi 1998-)

Kazan' (first line)

Kharkiv (Aleksejevska - 2 stations -2004)

Kiev (Green Line north to Syrets'ka; Red Line west to Pros. Palladina)

Lisbon (line A to Sta. Apolónia -2000; Line B Campo Grande - Odivelas 1999-2003)

Madrid (L-8 Mar de Cristal - N. Ministerios 2000-2002, L-10 Puerta Batán - Alcorcón, MetroSur Ring Line 2000-2003)

Milan (Line 3 extension north - 2 stations)

Projects: new metro line from Linate airport to Lorenteggio (southwest). The new line 4 will intersect: P.le Dateo (Passante ferroviario), Crocetta (Line 3), Porta Genova (Line 2) to finish at Lorenteggio. A new line 5 will run from Garibaldi to Monza.
Moscow - extensions to lines 2, 3, 10

Munich (U1 and U3 west to OEZ -2003)

Naples (Collinare line to city centre)

Oslo (Circle line: Ullevål stadion - Storo -2003, Storo - Carl Berners plass -2006)

Palermo project: Intercontinental Airport of Punta Raisi - city centre

Paris (line 14 to St. Lazare -2003)

Rennes (first VAL line)

Rome (line B1 Bologna - Conca d'Oro -2005, conversion of line C)

Rotterdam (western extension of east-west line - Beneluxlijn)

St. Petersburg (rebuilding of interrupted section on the red line, Line 4 St.Derevnya - Komendantsky Prospekt -2000; Line 5)

Sofia (extension of first line into city centre)

Thessaloniki (Line 1 VAL 1999-2004)

Turin (First VAL Line - 10km -15 stations Fermi - Porta Nuova, 2005)

Toulouse (planned VAL line B 2001-2007, extension Line A north to Gramont 2001-2004)

Ufa (Russia) (First line)

Valencia (Line 5 Alameda - Parque Ayora 2000-2003)

Venice project: The new "metropolitana lagunare" will connect the International Airport of Venice Marco Polo (a new terminal is almost finished and will have a people mover service between the terminal and the new Subway station) to Mestre and maybe Venice.

Warsaw (first line extension north)

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Brasília (first line)

Buenos Aires (Line B, 2 stations, and new Line H)

Fortaleza (Brasil) (first line)

Lima (First Line - suspended)

Maracaibo (Line 1 of light metro)

Recife (Second line conversion)

Saint Louis (St.Claire extension, further 14 km extension from Belleville to Scott Air Force Base approved 12/99)

Salvador (Brazil) (Line 1 Lapa - Pirajá)

San Francisco (BART to Airport and Millbrae)

San Juan (Puerto Rico) (first line)

São Paulo (line 5 -2002 and conversion of rail lines into line 6 and 7)

Toronto (new Sheppard Subway line 1992-2002)

Valencia (Venezuela) (First Line)

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Adana (Turkey) - first light metro line (Info here)

Alger (Line 1) - construction progress unknown


Bangkok (Blue Line subway)

Bursa (Turkey) (LR Line with 3 km underground section) (Info here)

Cairo (Line 2 to Giza)

Chelyabinsk (First Line)

Chennai (southern extension of Line 1)

Delhi (Line 1 Central Secretariat - University, 11 km, 10 stations, 2000-2005)

Guangzhou (Line 2 -2003)

Kaohsiung (Taiwan) (Red and Orange Lines)

Krasnoyarsk (Russia) (First line)

Kuala Lumpur (Monorail Line)

Kwangju (S.Korea) (First Line)

Nagoya (No.4 line)

Nanjing (China) (First line)

Omsk (first line)

Pusan (Line 2 east)

Seoul (Line 6 central and western sections)

Shanghai (Line 2 eastern extension)

Singapore (North-East Subway Line 1998-2002)

Shenzhen (China) (Line 1+4)

Taegu (South Korea) (Line 2)

Taipei (Blue Line extensions)

Taejon (Korea) (First line)

Tehran (Lines 1 and 2 east -2000)


- In China, subway constructon was announced for the following cities:

Shenyang, Dalian, Chongqing, Wuhan, and Chengdu

- Xi'an (China) - 19.8 km (2002-2006)

- Bratislava (Slovakia) plans to build a two line metro based on the VAL 208 system (Lille, Toulouse) with a total length of 32 km. The first part of line "B" with 10.059 km and 12 stations is ready for construction. This part will begin in Pertzalka (southern part of Bratislava with 130.000 inhabs. situated on the right bank of the river Danube), then in a tunnel under the Danube to the city centre, where it will end temporarily. Beginning of construction is planned for the second half of 2001, but there are still funding problems (Peter Krajcovic).

Curitiba (Brazil) plans a first elevated metro line (13 km - 9 stations) to run from the Cidade Industrial in the south to the city centre. In a second phase the metro should be extended north to Ayuba (10 stations) and reach a total of 27 km.

Alexandria (Egypt) - 55 km regional metro planned similar to Cairo's Line 1 by connected suburban rail lines through a cross-city tunnel.

Jakarta (Indonesia)

Mumbai (Bombay) (India)

Bogotá (Colombia) has planned a metro network for years but currently all projects have been shelved.

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Years shown indicate beginning and end of construction (1999-2003)

(?) Information on construction of a metro in these cities is not confirmed!

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